GBS Publishing is dedicated to offering original inspirational songs, music, literature, short stories, books, video books, CDs, and songs for the individual reaching for a higher life experience.Stories and music for children as well as grown-ups --- designed to teach values, ethics, and to point the way to a fuller spiritual life, guided by truth and light.
Browse through the GBS offerings to find inspiration, confirmation, affirmation, and answers, as well as music and literature that you resonate to.
Perhaps you have written poetry, stories, a book, created artwork or even music.  GBS Publishing can help you, too, to present that offering to a wider audience through layout and printing as well as providing a web presence for your work.

The story…..

     In the spring of 2005, James Stump and Jane Kolar met at church --- in choir.  Both had some strong feelings about the music available for choirs and congregations to sing --- so often heavy and antiquated (literally circa 1500!), to say nothing of fire and brimstone not being very uplifting......

     Jane had written a few sets of lyrics, and James had written many more as well as music, but nothing was in publication.  It was not long before they discovered their mutual interest and abilities and began collaborating on songs and more, including setting the writings of others to music.

     In 2006 they formed GBS Publishing (Given By Spirit) and began to write more --- of everything.  They encouraged others as well and soon the body of works grew to what you see in the pages of this website as finished works --- and a larger body of works unfinished.

     Friends, relatives, and others with a spiritual orientation have also contributed works and supported this effort to disseminate inspired and inspirational music, songs, meditations, stories, and books in print and on CD in order to send out a positive message to the world.

     Still others have asked that we list their works or add links to their websites, so that they may be a part of this powerful positive force for good.

     The first published product was James’ story, ‘Christmas Oranges’, in July, 2009, with ‘The Seventh King’ following a month later and ‘Judah’s Coming’ treading on its heels.

     The individual songs James and Jane have been given the inspiration to write are first being published individually as sheet music and will, at a future date, be available in compilations.